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Gift Certificate - a universal gift when you are not sure whether to purchase Bamboolik cloth diapers or products for eco-friendly home.

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Code: 98903
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The more you spend in our e-shop, the higher discount we’ll give you! How does this discount work?

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Discount on reusable sanitary pads
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Special offer for customers who buy multiple sanitary pads or panty liners. The more pieces you buy, the more generous your discount will be!

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To each Medium or Large Diaper Set get this special offer: 15% discount on 2 Pocket Diapers – our most tuned cloth diapers out there; as easy to use as disposables.

Code: 92235
15 % DISCOUNT FOR YOU | Set of 2 Night Fitted Diapers with Absorbing Insert
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To each Medium or Large Diaper Set, get this special offer: 15% discount on 2 Night Fitted Diapers – for the whole night without changing. 

Code: 92507
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To each medium or large Diaper Set, you get a special offer: a set of 3 Organic Cotton Absorbing Inserts from GOTS certified organic cotton of European origin. Level up your...

Code: 92234
HappyBottomKit Sonderangebot
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Buy a Medium or Large Diaper Set and get this special offer—15% discount for our Happy Bottom Kit. Natural care for the diaper area, gentler to the skin and to the...

Code: 92237
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Buy one of our Medium or Large Diaper Sets and get a lovely discount on a must-have for every breastfeeding mum—set of 6 washable nursing pads.

Code: 92238

Sales and special offers on cloth diapers, reusable sanitary pads and panty liners and products for an eco-friendly home and Zero Waste lifestyle.