Happy Bottom Spray bottle

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Happy Bottom Spray Bottle

Small empty spray bottle for preparing the "Happy Bottom" washing emulsion


Version ENG - with label in English

Version DE - with label in German


Volume: 30 ml


How to use:

Add the "Happy Bottom" washing oil into the empty spray bottle in the amount to reach the score line (= about 1 teaspoon, or 4-5.5 ml) and top up with lukewarm or cold scalded water. Always shake before use. The practical packaging in the spray bottle is comfortable at home or on the road. It is also possible to prepare the emulsion into a bowl and keep it all day at the changing table for quick use. Soak the napkin with the emulsion and clean the baby bottom (or dirty hands or mouth). The solution can also be sprayed directly onto the cleaned area and then wiped off with the napkin. Cleaning can be done using Bamboolik napkins (bamboo viscose or cotton terry cloth) or any washcloth.

The prepared solution is recommended to be used within 24 hours, but not longer than within 7 days.

Practical tip for mums: The emulsion is also perfect for removing eye make-up :)