Potty training – how to do it?

Are you in the period of potty training with your kid, or would you like to start? Bamboolik's Training pants are a great product helping with the transition from diapers to underwear. Thanks to their original layout, they can look like underwear (they can be pulled down and back up), while it is possible to unsnap them and take off just like a diaper, without the need to take your kid's trousers or even shoes off.

The absorbent layer can be adjusted to the current needs of your child. We have summarized the approximate levels of the potty training process for you in this chart:

Which inserts for which “level”?


Level of potty training





 Your baby doesn’t really inform you when they go to the potty. Potty training is more or less the parents’ idea ;-)


 Except for sleeping and travelling, use the bamboo surface as next-to-skin layer. Thus, your child will know about “the process”. Change your baby as often as possible and praise heavily each “potty report” from your child. 


 Your baby reports during or immediately after action

 2x Traning Pants PUL + 6 to 10 Toddler Inserts

 Keep on praising as much as possible Try to trace down the elimination intervals and give your child a chance to always use a potty/toilet or water the grass in a park. All in relaxing and friendly atmosphere, no stress! 


 Reporting before action

 2x Training Pants (PUL or Fleece) + 6 to 10 Short Inserts

 Perfect, you’re close! Praise each “dry reporting” and take it easy in case the report comes a bit late. 


 Reliable reporting or independent elimination

 Take your child shopping for big boy’s or girl’s underwear. You surely deserve it both!  

 Congratulations, you’ve made it together!