Menstrual Cup

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Menstrual Cup - An ecological, economical, healthy tool for your menstruation. Made in the Czech Republic.

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Made in Europe
Made in Europe
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Product detailed description

Menstrual Cup

For your environmental footprint

Have you heard that an average woman produces approximately 150 kilos of waste in used menstrual items? And we’re talking non-biodegradable waste here.

Eco-friendly period can be for anyone! Menstrual Cup can be used for years and you don’t need more than just one.

For your health

Regular tampons are said to contain a fair amount of toxins - one Google search will tell you more about that. And let’s assume you don’t want toxins absorbed by your body. Are we right?

With Menstrual Cup you don’t have to worry about this! Our Cup is made of 100% certified medical silicone that fulfils the strictest standards. By sterilizing the Cup at the beginning of each menstrual cycle (before the first use), you make sure that the use of the Cup won’t bring any unpleasant side effects. Speaking of side effects: Contrary to tampons, Menstrual Cup doesn’t dry out your lady parts – therefore it’s a great prevention against repeating inflammations, mycosis and other inconveniences. Menstrual Cups are not linked with toxic shock syndrome.

For your budget

Your budget will definitely thank you. The cost of the Cup equals a few months on disposable menstrual items.

For your comfort

Uncomfortable? Not at all! You won’t feel the Cup at all during your regular activities. Moreover, you’ll find out that it has even more pros: Most women will have to empty the Cup only twice a day (in the morning and at night), which means you’ll most likely be in the comfort of your own home. The Cup can be used any time and during any activities, during any workout (even swimming!). It won’t fail you during the night either.

You will find detailed instructions on how to use the Cup in the leaflet you’ll get with your order.

Bonus points: Made in the Czech Republic, Europe. This Cup was made for you by a Czech company in the middle of Europe. Because we believe that a true eco-friendly product should always be local.

Your sizing

We offer two Cup sizes and two types of firmness. That gives you 4 options in total.

Smaller or larger?

We recommend the smaller Cup for women and young girls who haven‘t had a baby yet. It has a diameter of 4 cm.

Larger Cup is for women who’ve already had a baby. It doesn’t matter whether the delivery was natural or you had a C-section. Diameter of 4,5 cm.

Firm or soft?

Soft Cup is great for sensitive women. It folds more easily.

Firm Cup, on the other hand, unfolds almost immediately and stays firmly put from the very beginning. We would also recommend the Firm Cup to women who exercise a lot (due to strong pelvic floor muscles). 

Not your Cup of tea?

Have a look at our Cloth Menstrual Pads or Washable Panty Liners instead – also a great choice for an eco-friendly period.

We send out the Cup sealed in plastic bag to maintain perfect hygiene during its transport. However, you still need to sanitize it before the first use! Always follow the instructions on the Cup's maintenance that are to be found in the informational leaflet you receive with the Cup (it'll be inside the cute cloth sack).

Still don’t know for sure what period products are for who and when? Read our article on the eternal dispute: Sanitary Pads vs Tampons. Or have a look at another one where we describe in detail all eco-friendly period products — so that Mother Nature doesn’t bleed with you.

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