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Breathable reusable panty liners suitable for everyday use as underwear protection, for days of lighter flow period, or as a back-up to your menstrual cup.

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Waschbare Slipeinlage | Bio-Baumwoll-Frottee  /Reusable Panty Liner | Organic Cotton Terry - Bamboolik
Summer Clearance
from €14,90 up to –40 %
from €8,62 excl. VAT
from €10,43

Washable Panty Liners. Made from organic cotton. Value Packs of more pieces. Made in the Czech Republic by women in a social sewing factory.

Code: 92263
Waschbare Slipeinlagen | Bio-Baumwoll-Frottee | Bamboolik
Summer Clearance
€14,90 –20 %
€9,85 excl. VAT

Washable Panty Liners with a waterproof PUL layer. Perfect size for young girls with first period. Or for women with weaker period bleeding. Made from organic cotton. Value...

Code: 92746
Set Waschbare Stoffbinden und Slipeinlagen | Bio-Baumwoll-Frottee / Set of Reusable Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners | Organic Cotton Terry - Bamboolik
Summer Clearance
€23,90 up to –30 %
from €13,83 excl. VAT
from €16,73

Set of 2 sanitary pads and 2 panty liners from 100% organic cotton. Very breathable and very reliable, gentler towards your skin as well as the environment. Velcro and snap...

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Code: 92268