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Basic absorbent layer of the AI2 Duo Diaper System. Two sided - the Stay Dry side keeps the baby's skin dry, while the bamboo rayon side provides high absorbency.

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Made in Europe
Made in Europe
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Product detailed description

Shaped Insert with Pocket DUO

Essentially, every cloth diaper need two layers:

  • absorbing layer
  • waterprooof layer.

Shaped Insert with Pocket DUO is the essential absorbing layer for our AI2 DUO Diaper System. The waterproof layer for that are our Diaper Covers.


Why is our Shaped Insert unique?

  • It’s double-sided. Fleece on one side, bamboo rayon on the other. Fleece makes your baby feel comfortably dry while bamboo, as a natural material, lets the baby feel the wetness.
  • It has a pocket! You can add any absorbency booster inside. We suggest our Short Insert for babies and Long Insert for toddlers but any other absorbing layer will fit, even a prefold or a muslin square.
  • No snaps. It’s intuitive, you simply put Shaped Insert in Diaper Cover. We made it graphic for you (see below).
  • The size is truly universal. It fits a newborn as well as a toddler, as pictured. The first scheme (for a newborn) is optional; it’s a better protection against leaks (it fits tightly around the legs) but in case you find it too complicated or you don’t have a Snappi fastener, you can skip it and start with the second scheme right away (for a newborn, you probably won’t need to put anything inside the Shaped Insert’s pocket).


Attention: Do not use fleece liners on top of Stay-Dry contact layer of diapers. Two layers of fleece prevent the liquid from being soaked into the inner absorbent part, and thus the diaper may leak. We recommend using the disposable liners instead, especially for small babies. 


OUR TIP: Not sure how many inserts (or diapers as such) you need? Have a look at our Diaper Sets!


Heads up! We manufacture all our diapers in the Czech Republic from materials and fabrics that we buy within Europe. It's important to us to sustain our business also from this perspective. Because we live by our motto: For people who care. Do you?

Additional parameters

Category: Absorbing Inserts
Age: Newborn, Infant, Toddler
Contact Layer: Bamboo, Stay-Dry
KontaktschichtX: Bambus, Stay-Dry
Grösse: 2-15 kg
Stück im Set: 3

AI2 Windelsystem Bamboolik

Cloth Diapers: AI2 (All-in-2) Diaper System

Pin-less Newborn Fold

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