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Absorbent Booster

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All-purpose absorbent booster – for all cloth diaper types
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Absorbent Booster

Absorbent Booster


A truly universal absorbent booster – for increasing diaper absorbency whenever necessary. Fits in cloth diapers of all shapes and types.


A simple rectangle, just like a prefold, with a tremendous absorbing capacity. Made of two layers of bamboo rayon, cotton terry and extra absorbing microfibre.

How to use it?

Simply follow the seams on the diaper (vertical or horizontal) and fold it either into thirds or into quarters (depending on the size you need). Then put the booster in the diaper of your choice.


We designed our Absorbent Booster to be used:

  • With our Night Fitted Diaper or our XL Night Fitted Diaper
  • In the pocket of our Pocket Diaper
  • As the absorbing insert in our Training Pants (preferably in XL size), for pre-schoolers who still struggle with potty training (especially at night or during their afternoon nap).


Our Absorbent Booster will also function pretty well in our Diaper Cover (just on its own). However, we would recommend this for older babies and toddlers. For newborns and smaller babies, it would be better to use our AI2 DUO Diaper System, with our Shaped Insert as the base.

Absorbent Booster in motion pictures:


Composition: 40 % Bamboo Rayon, 20 % Cotton, 40 % Polyester

Measurements: 35 x 45 cm


Weight 0.106 kg
Purpose Entire diaper period
Contact Layer bamboo
Size 35 x 45 cm
Pieces per Pack 1
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